Signal Fist

Signal Fist, from San Antonio, Texas. I’ll admit, we’ve been giving them a lot of attention lately, but they deserve it with the release of their first CD, Polarity.

I’ll admit that at first, I thought that Cousin Kit, the vocalist, sounded a lot like System of A Down’s Serj Tankian. While that is true in certain songs(Pills, AyNa and Fables), he does definitely have his own voice. In my opinion, they do kick some major ass. I’m a bit of a speed freak when it comes to my music, and these guys definitely have it – fast guitar, heavy drumming, even Kit’s singing is pretty fast while still being understandable. Once in a while, they even add in some good growling here and there. It all meshes together really well, and I think it sounds like it just BELONGS that way.

Seriously, buy the CD. It’s well worth the total of $17.51, when you buy it from our store.

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All the way from Finland, we have RousT. Not a whole lot of bands nowadays can make distortion sound good, but RousT has definitely made it work for them. When they leave us with just the vocals and a bassline, you get an even better idea of just how good of a songwriter these guys are. Everything in their songs definitely seems to have a purpose in and of itself. The distortion combined with the vocals in “Repentance” helps bring out an angry feeling of regret, which is backed by that tinge of sadness reflected in the comparatively solemn beat of the drums. When I hear them, I’m reminded of one of the Guitar Hero loading screens… “We’re a real angry band, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in peace.”

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California Medication

Hailing from Modesto, CA, we have California Medication. They’re a rock/hard alternative/punk band. They have their ups and downs with me in their songs, like sometimes the guitar is just overpowered by everything else. But, they do have a unique sound to them, all the same. The vocalist has a sort of gravelly quality to his voice at times that makes it sound all the better in parts of his songs. Personally, my favorite song by them at this point is Headless Horseman. It’s got fast guitar riffs, and I love the drums. My only problem with them being that at times, the vocalist does sound slightly flat.

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BrokenRail from Auburn, AL JUST released a couple of songs to us on TDMRadio, and I have had the honor to be the first to hear them. In all honesty, I have yet to hear a band with a sound quite like theirs. The guitar riffs sound great, the vocals are really unique, and it’s an overall good sound to them. The drummer’s a bit trigger-happy with the cymbals, but it works for them. In my opinion, they’re a great band.

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Forrest Ballard Releases a new song!!!

Exactly what the title says! Are friend Forrest Ballard has released his second song called Make The Call.
Check it out!

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Signal Fist’s new debut album Polarity has been released!

Signal Fist, a band from San Antonio, Texas. Has released there first debut album, Polarity. We are totally stoked about this. The band has been hard at work recording it and touring on it. They feel its time there hard work pays off by selling there music. Check the band out, if you likey, well then…. BUY THE ALBUM!!! We have the album and I say its totally worth it.

Click here to buy the album.

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